Assisting clients with their resource protection and regulatory permitting goals: 

Tailored Services

Over Eagle Cap’s 20 year history, we have successfully completed projects ranging from one-day rare plant surveys, to extensive multi-year investigations of complex project impacts. For larger projects, we are able to call on a network of consulting associates to augment our in-house capabilities. In all cases, we tailor our services to the specific needs of each client to ensure that the work remains relevant and cost-effective. 


Since its inception, Eagle Cap has assisted numerous private firms and public agencies in meeting their environmental management and permitting goals. The firm has completed impact assessment studies for large wind power projects, multi-dam hydroelectric complexes, major pipelines, oil and gas projects, transmission lines, timber harvest units, and a wide variety of other development projects. Eagle Cap’s environmental scientists have performed studies in habitats ranging from low desert playas to alpine mountaintops.

The firm has prepared compliance and permitting documentation consistent with a variety of federal, provincial, and local environmental legislation. Eagle Cap Consulting has prepared, or contributed to the preparation of, Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments, Biological Evaluations, Biological Assessments, and many other compliance documents associated with the environmental permitting process.